Vegetable Seeds

Kangaroo Seeds are an international vegetable seed wholesale company based in Singapore. We focus on the selection and marketing innovative vegetable seed products. By working extensively with breeders and researchers from around the world, we strive to offer our global customers new and improved Hybrid and Open Pollinated varieties.

Our varieties are extensively tested and conditioned by our highly experienced team. Kangaroo offers its customers sustainable supply chains; Seed production and processing is handled by our sister companies in New Zealand, Israel, Thailand and USA and distributed from our Singapore and New Zealand stores.

Supported by a close network of reliable breeders, production and processing teams, we are committed to superior seed services to our customers and champion the highest quality assurance processes.


Our purpose is to provide our clients with high quality food seed genetics, supported with excellent customer service, availability and affordability across global markets. We build sustainable supply chains and create value to all stakeholders.